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Turn tyers into buyers

5 Welcome Email Tests To Turn Tryers into Buyers

Email is still the most effective strategy for onboarding visitors. By “onboarding” we mean: Getting tryers to use the product so they can become buyers Getting buyers to use the product so they become long-term subscribers Getting repeat buyers to share their appreciation of the product Yes, email is important to your business. It can’t…

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10 CRO Experts Reveal Their Worst A/B Testing Mistakes

You’ve read the blog posts and you’ve heard from the vendors. A/B testing is a lot more difficult than you can imagine, and you can unintentionally wreak havoc on your online business if you aren’t careful. Fortunately, you can learn how to avoid these awful A/B testing mistakes from 10 CRO experts who tell all…

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How Homeaway Shifted to a Testing Culture [INFOGRAPHIC]

Team, tech, process and scale: these are the primary components shared by Tania Shershin of Homeaway at the Which Test Won Live Event in Austin, Texas. We captured the high-points of her presentation live in this instagraph infographic. If you want to create a culture of testing in your organization, here is a roadmap to…

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Statistically Significant Marketer

2 Questions for the Statistically Significant Marketer Part 2 [Audio]

Questions can be powerful things, if the questions are good and are leading us in the right direction (normally this means toward better results).  When the questions are about the statistical significance of your marketing results, you’ve got a winning combination that will really take you places. So, what are a couple of good questions…

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Most Important Judge of your Testing Program

The Most Important Person on Your Split Testing Team

My partner Joel Harvey is fond of saying, “My favorite part of a design is the money.” He’s been part of many a web design project. His perspective comes in response to the number of times he’s heard things like: “I want the design to pop!” “I want my site’s design to be groundbreaking like…

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Become a Statistically Significant Marketer [AUDIO]

Statistical significance: It’s not just for impressing your date anymore. If you’re involved with an online business, you draw conclusions from things you’ve learned on a weekly basis. When you say, “We tried that. It didn’t work,” you are claiming to be able to predict the future based on something you did in the past….

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Selling Visual Products Online: Case Study

How important are images to your landing page? The formula we use in our Chemistry of a Successful Landing Page includes the element “Image” as a necessary component. At the heart of this is the need for the visitor to imagine owning the product or service. That’s right, even services. For some, it’s difficult to…

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It's too late to optimize lyrics.

It’s Too Late to Optimize. It’s Too Laaaaaate.

One Republic’s breakout hit in 2007 was “Apologize.” It’s a very sad-yet-beautiful tune. It’s also one of those songs that our brains like to play with. “It’s too late to order fries. It’s too laaaaate.” Every year when September rolls around, my brain hears a different word than “Apologize.” “It’s too late to optimize. It’s…

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Before You Pop the Champagne, Do Some Post-test Analysis [INFOGRAPHIC]

One of the best reasons to do website optimization is for the wins, when you’ve found a change that delivers real revenue to the bottom line. But before you celebrate, check out this infographic for Marshall Downy’s sobering presentation at Which Test Won’s The Live Event. The event was held in Austin, Texas, The Conversion…

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Tides of Your Website and Tests that Lie [AUDIO]

We encourage every online marketer to begin experimenting with split testing as soon as possible. It is a skillset that empowers marketing to really understand their visitors and generate more revenue from existing traffic. One of the first hurdles you will have to get through is the “damn lying test” phenomenon. This is when a…

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How Big is the Optimizely “Test Snooping” Problem

How helpful would it be to know what prices and features your competition was thinking about using? One of my readers just sent me a very revealing screenshot. It is one of the pricing pages that Optimizely is testing. It was found by “spying” on their test data.   We are able to see this…

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The More I Test the More I Loathe Myself

There is a point in almost every testing program in which your confidence will be shaken. Even seasoned professionals experience it. We start off with high confidence having identified opportunities to really improve a site. We’re good at getting that low-hanging fruit early on, but we will inevitably find that many of our great ideas…

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