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When Landing Pages Break Promises

How often do your landing pages break promises made in your ads or newsletters? Here’s an example that may hit home. This is a tale of two companies who can’t afford to blacken their reputation any more than they already have. It is the story of one letter, one landing page and a broken promise. […]


How to Pick a Conversion Optimization Consultant for your Online Business

Here is a list of questions you may — and should — ask before you choose the best conversion optimization consultant for your online business. Maybe you have exhausted your resources or maybe you’d rather have CRO experts maximize your profits. Whatever your situation, it’s time to pick a conversion optimization consultant for your online […]

Taking the Risk out of your Website Redesign

How is conversion optimization ensuring that website redesigns always deliver an improvement in performance? Brian Massey and Joel Harvey can tell you. And they do. Poker is one of those games that, like digital marketing, requires a left-brain/right-brain approach. To begin with, good poker players know the percentages. They know that the two four’s in […]


From Segmentation to Contextualization: The New Way to Look at Marketing (Podcast)

Let’s dive into a brand new online marketing concept: Contextualization. Thanks to AI and ML, we have come a long way from creating customer segments. To improve conversions, we also need to understand context. Read on. I predicted years ago that my business would be using machine learning for much of what we do manually […]