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How to AB Test Copy to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Find out how to AB test copy, the words, images, captions, and fonts that you use on your website persuasively. Learn how data can be used to find out if your copywriting will deliver conversions. I believe that copywriters suffer from a particular kind of post-traumatic stress disorder. It comes from the fact that anyone […]

Why Marketers Struggle and What to Do About It

Marketing departments are understaffed, overworked and required to do quantitative and creative work. No wonder marketers are struggling. How does Erin Collis deal with the variety of tasks all marketers face? What can leaders do? F. Scott Fitzgerald is credited with saying “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed […]

Anyone can Plug Into Analytics with Chris Mercer

Is analytics really going to make a difference? Will I benefit by getting deeper into my analytics? Find out how exciting one man can make Google Analytics. Analytics is not one of those words that inspires action. It’s not a word like “Rose” dripping with alternate meanings and romantic associations. It’s not like the word […]

When Landing Pages Break Promises

How often do your landing pages break promises made in your ads or newsletters? Here’s an example that may hit home. This is a tale of two companies who can’t afford to blacken their reputation any more than they already have. It is the story of one letter, one landing page and a broken promise. […]