About Brian Massey

Brian Massey is the Founder and Conversion Scientist™ at Conversion Sciences, a sought-after international speaker, and author of Your Customer Creation Equation. He is passionate about transforming websites through a steady diet of visitor profiling, purposeful content, analytics, and AB testing.

Expertise: conversion rate optimization, AB testing, marketing strategy, digital marketing, analytics, landing page design, computer programming, entrepreneurship

Speaking: IBM, Inbound, LeadsCon, Content Marketing World, Affiliate Summit, and more

Books and Training: Your Conversion Creation Equation, Video CRO, Marketing Videos that Convert, CRO Best Practices

As Seen On: ClickZ, Search Engine Land, Marketing Land, Conversion Sciences Blog, Intended Consequences podcast

Education: Texas A&M University, BS Computer Science and Management

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How to Pick a Conversion Optimization Consultant for your Online Business

Here is a list of questions you may — and should — ask before you choose the best conversion optimization consultant for your online business. Maybe you have exhausted your resources or maybe you’d rather have CRO experts maximize your profits. Whatever your situation, it’s time to pick a conversion optimization consultant for your online […]

Conversion Rate Optimization for SaaS Companies

Profitability depends on your ability to turn visitors into users and users into paying customers. This is the double-conversion dilemma. Even small conversion gains can make a difference.  That’s why SaaS conversion rate optimization (CRO) is essential for driving growth. In this guide, you’ll learn about CRO for SaaS companies, how it improves SaaS growth […]

17 Lead Generation Landing Page Examples

If you’re looking for lead generation landing page examples to help you craft the perfect landing page, beware. Many of the landing pages you see online are not actually working. In fact, many of them turn more people away than not.  Lead generation landing pages and squeeze pages can attract and convert a high percentage […]

12 Design Best Practices for Landing Page Form Optimization

Getting form optimization from your landing page templates goes beyond knowing the key components of a landing page form. It’s about creating a user journey that guides visitors toward an informed choice.  Let’s unravel the blueprint for landing page form optimization best practices that are not only user-friendly but are conversion-optimized powerhouses. 1. Keep it […]

Designing Landing Page Forms That Convert

In digital marketing, landing page forms are essential for transforming casual browsers into engaged customers. Forms serve as a first handshake, introducing individuals to your brand while gathering vital information to personalize their experience. When crafting these forms, the golden rule is efficiency. A well-structured form respects the user’s time and demonstrates a focused approach, […]

CRO Training: How to Teach Yourself

There’s no greater skill than self-reliance. Generating data to support your designs, ideas, and strategies gives you a freedom not available to marketers 10 years ago. Conversion rate optimization is the segment of digital marketing that seeks to maximize the value gained from your website’s visitors. We seek to convert a visitor to a customer, […]

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