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Positioning Your Product or Service

Positioning your product or service requires understanding the root desire of your website visitors. This changes from visitor to visitor. Positioning your offering generically to appeal to them all doesn’t work. Find out what does.   Why do people buy robot vacuums? Is it to clean the floor? Maybe. Is it to have more leisure […]

The Cluetrain Manifesto Twenty Years Later: Still relevant

“Markets are Conversations.” This the opening salvo in the Cluetrain Manifesto. It’s 95 theses were written at the dawn of the commercial internet to help businesses understand how things had changed. Twenty years later, did we heed their advice? Is the Cluetrain Manifesto still relevant? Contrarians. They’re trouble. At least they’re trouble in structured organizations. […]

The 12 Days of CROstmas

On the first day of CROstmas my website gave to me An increase in RPV. On the second day of CROstmas my website gave to me Two split tests and an increase in RPV. On the third day of CROstmas my website gave to me Three fresh sales, Two split tests and An increase in […]

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Why your Mobile Visitors Don’t Buy from Your Ecommerce Site

Would you like to know why your mobile visitors don’t buy from your ecommerce site? Brian Massey, the Conversion Scientist®, unveils the mystery – and tells you what to do about it. If you are like most ecommerce sites, you’re getting more mobile visitors, but the conversion rates are significantly lower than your desktop and […]

The Gulf Between Marketing and Sales Solved (and it’s not what you think)

Sales and marketing. Two functions critical to a business’s success. They work tightly, arm-in-arm to build awareness, engage prospects and help them choose the best solution for their problem. They have common goals and cooperate closely to achieve them. The mutual respect and gratitude they have for one another is palpable. If you’re wondering what […]