CRO Success Stories

Read these CRO success stories to discover how we help businesses like yours boost sales.

These conversion rate optimization examples illustrate the five major obstacles to success. These companies drove spectacular results with conversion optimization, and you can too.

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CRO success stories | Conversion rate optimization examples by Conversion Sciences

Mobile Conversion Rate Optimization Success Story

Website Redesign Example: 250% Conversion Rate Increase

Wasp Barcode is a B2B company that sells inventory and asset management software.

Their goal was to increase the number of demo requests. They have a helpful sales team that is very good at turning demo requests into sales.

Website Redesign for Credibility and Authority

The site was completely redesigned with our Conversion Catalyst™ process.

Conversion Rate Optimization Results

Wasp Barcode demo requests rose soon after starting the Conversion Catalyst™ process.

Within six months they saw a 250% increase in the demo request conversion rate. And we were still redesigning across the site.

An increase in page and CTR conversion rates with zero risk of a bad website redesign. We call this the “double-whammy”.

The alternative? Wait 6 to 12 months for a traditional website redesign to see an increase in sales and revenues.

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eCommerce CRO Success Case: Improve Your Value Proposition to Boost Sales

Galeton, a 108 year-old company, sells manufacturing and construction apparel. They are great at driving repeat purchases, but need a steady flow of new customers to grow.

Conversion Sciences used AB testing to optimize the key elements of their value proposition to boost sales to new customers.

eCommerce AB Testing and Conversion Results

  • 18% increase in revenue per session, despite an exponential increase on CPC.
  • 12% growth in customer acquisition rate, which grew year-over-year and 6% increase in average order value.

Thus, getting a higher ROI on their paid traffic campaign investment.

eCommerce websites don’t always do a good job of answering a visitor’s first question, “Am I in the right place?”

Let us improve your new visitor conversion rate without sacrificing existing customers’ performance.


CRO Success Case: 42% Increase in Subscription Conversion Rate

A B2B/B2C web security company needed more customer subscriptions. With a Freemium model, a high cost per lead, and cart abandonment issues, the Conversion Scientists™ came to the rescue.

Results of Outsourcing the Conversion Optimization Process

  • 42% Increase in subscription sales conversion rate.
  • A 15% revenue lift, which returned $7 for every dollar invested in the CRO program.
  • Conversion rate lift of 61% via friction elimination in the purchase funnel.
  • The home page redesign led to a 12% increase in sales conversion rate.
  • 11% increase in trial downloads
  • Reduced cart abandonment resulted in a 4% increase in revenue per visitor

In many instances, clients are too close to their business, and it becomes very difficult to think like a visitor.

Outsourcing the conversion rate optimization process to a team of experts will boost your eCommerce sales and revenues.

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