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These conversion rate optimization examples illustrate the five major obstacles to success. These companies drove spectacular results with conversion optimization, and you can too.

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CRO success stories | Conversion rate optimization examples by Conversion Sciences

Mobile Conversion Rate Optimization Success Story

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Telecommunications CRO Success Case: 2x Sales and 38% Revenue Boost

Boingo Wireless simplifies complex wireless challenges to connect people, business, and things. The company’s primary customer acquisition channel for their high-speed internet service for troops serving at 80+ military bases worldwide is an online sales portal.

Conversion Sciences provided UI/UX design testing and optimization services, conducting A/B testing on Boingo’s online sales platform and integrating their tech stack.

Conversion Optimization Results for Boingo

  • 2x increase in sales and a 38% lift in overall revenue
  • Real-time visibility into test results
  • Seamless integration with Boingo’s front-end and back-end teams
  • Conversion Sciences functions as adjunct members of Boingo’s engineering team

“My experience with Conversion Sciences has truly blown me away. Besides the fact that they are excellent at what they do, the level of customer service they provide our team as a client is remarkable.”

Picture of Dawn Callahan Dawn Callahan, CMO

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Automobile Retailer Drives Customer Acquisition and Revenue with Data-Driven CRO

For over 55 years, this family-owned and operated “Buy Here Pay Here” car dealership has served the Fort Worth, TX community. They wanted to optimize their online presence to improve customer acquisition and throughput from lead to vehicle delivery, while transitioning from a “gut-feel” to a data-based decision-making process.

Conversion Sciences provided fully managed Conversion Optimization services to increase conversion rates and revenue per visitor to the client’s website.

Conversion Sciences has changed the way I think about every aspect of my business.

Data (good data) beats ‘gut-feel’ every time. Hypothesize, move fast, track results, and let the data inform the direction at each fork in the road.”  — Phillip Thomasson, COO  

A Different Experience

This automobile retailer worked with four other CRO companies prior to hiring Conversion Sciences. They report, “Each fell far short of Conversion Sciences in every way — reporting, effectiveness, understanding, and knowledge.” 

Their outcomes:

  • Improved ROI
  • Website testing, “each of which has been successful”
  • Data-driven insights that guide decision-making at every step, replacing “gut-feel” processes

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Medical Supplies Company Boosts Conversion Rate and ROI with CRO and UI/UX Design

1 Natural Way, a provider of maternal medical supplies like breast pumps and breastfeeding supplies to expecting mothers in the US, sought to increase their conversion rate and ROI from their significant site traffic, primarily generated through paid advertising.

Conversion Sciences provided conversion rate optimization and UI/UX design support, focusing on reworking and improving the client’s complex intake form on their homepage, which required capturing numerous data points for insurance benefit fulfillment.

CRO Results for 1 Natural Way

  • Significant increase in conversion rate through an optimized intake form
  • Noticeable improvement in intake flow and traffic volume
  • Improved ROI from traffic generated by paid advertising 
  • Designed and launched web support for several new lines of business

“Conversion Sciences is the best service provider I’ve worked with, and I’ve worked with a lot of service providers. They’ve been a really valuable partner, so it is now hard to imagine not working with them.”

Ryan Wright, CEO

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Guitar Parts Supplier Achieves 10X ROI and Boosts Conversions with CRO

StewMac, the world’s largest supplier of tools, materials, parts, and other essentials for building, repairing, and maintaining guitars, sought to increase their conversion rate and improve the efficiency of their paid ads, aiming to maximize the ROI from their ad spend.

Conversion Sciences provided CRO services, performing usability and split testing on the client’s product pages and ads, as well as optimizing high-traffic pages within their site. The team also assisted with the client’s migration from Universal Analytics to Matomo Analytics for GDPR compliance.

Conversion Optimization Results for StewMac

  • 0.6% increase in overall site conversion, translating to a significant revenue boost
  • 10X ROI achieved through Conversion Sciences’ services
  • Data-driven, logical, and methodical approach to decision-making and testing

“We’re truly impressed with their approach. Their resources are highly logical and methodical. They use data and scientific analysis to make decisions, so everything is driven by data, math, and smart thinking. Based on these, I can say we’ve found a great partner in them.”

Brock Poling, VP Marketing

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Higher Ed Organization Boosts Conversions and Improves UX with A/B Testing

A higher education organization within a network of around 50,000 students sought to create a better user experience for prospective students on their websites, aiming to generate greater conversions and make the information more easily accessible.

Conversion Sciences helped redesign and optimize specific web pages for conversions, performing A/B and multivariate tests. The team provided recommendations and ideas for monthly testing, acting as an external consultant to help develop conversion strategies.

Self-reported Conversion Optimization Results for Higher Ed Organization

  • Improved student inquiries through testing and optimization
  • Exceptional work quality and project management 
  • Effective set-up of conversion metrics, for accurate conversion measurement

“Conversion Sciences truly cares about their clients. We weren’t just a number — they went into the engagement with the spirit of partnership. They wanted to help improve the organization and took the time to do proper discovery.” —  Former Managing Director and VP Marketing

Online Media Company Case Study: Boost Lead Generation and User Experience with CRO

Internet Brands is an online media and technology company with millions of monthly visitors across various websites in the automotive, health, legal, and home and travel sectors. They sought  to improve conversion rates on several of their legal sites.

Conversion Sciences provided conversion rate optimization services, focusing on enhancing the visitor experience. The goal was to increase sign-ups for free attorney consultations. The team set up A/B experiments, comparing changes in calls to action, headlines, and images against control pages to determine which experience drove more sign-ups.

Conversion Optimization Results for Internet Brands

  • Substantial improvements in leads generated
  • Conversion Sciences “exceeded our expectations” with the amount of work and services provided
  • Efficient and straightforward approach to the engagement, making the most of the client’s time

“Conversion Sciences’ work has been helping us out substantially. They’re exceeding our expectations with the amount of work and services they provide. We’ve worked with other conversion rate optimization firms, and Conversion Sciences are the best we’ve used.”

Keith Lovgren, Director of CRO

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Ecommerce CRO Case Study: Maximize Ad Spend Effectiveness

Galeton, a manufacturer and direct provider of workplace safety products, sought to maximize the effectiveness of their online advertising spend.

Conversion Sciences consistently tests and makes changes to the client’s website based on the results of their analysis. Over the years, the team has also assisted with web design and analytics, going beyond core optimization services.

Conversion Optimization Results for Galeton

  • Long-term partnership spanning over a decade, demonstrating the quality of Conversion Sciences’ work
  • Consistent expansion of the engagement due to successful optimization efforts
  • Dedication to continuously improving services and addressing client concerns

The length of our partnership speaks volumes about their quality of work; the results regarding optimization are ongoing, and we’ve consistently expanded our engagement with them because their work has been successful. We consider them a key partner for our business.”

Ewen Cameron, Director of Ecommerce

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University CRO Case Study: 40% Increase in Online Form Submissions

Northcentral University, a fully remote university focused on graduate education, engaged Conversion Sciences for conversion optimization services to improve their online form and website performance.

Conversion Sciences tested multiple options for the university’s online form, identified issues on the website, and corrected Google Analytics setup. The team collaborated with the client to develop monthly hypotheses for continuous site improvement, driving execution and raising effectiveness and efficiency.

Conversion Optimization Results for Northcentral University

  • 40% increase in online form submissions within a few months of working with Conversion Sciences
  • Consistent proof of value leading to expanded engagement
  • Thorough, process-oriented approach with a focus on continuous improvement

“After a few months of working with Conversion Sciences, we saw a 40% increase in our online form being filled out; this was a huge success for us. They consistently proved the value of the engagement, so we continued to expand the project. […] I’ve worked with many service providers over the years, and this team stands out.”

Russ Natoce, former CMO

Continuous site improvement that leads to increased conversion rates.


Online Travel Retailer Boosts Conversion Rates with Strategic Optimization

Shore Excursions Group LLC is an online travel retailer selling tours and activities to cruise passengers. They engaged Conversion Sciences to increase site conversion and define new conversion optimization opportunities.

Conversion Sciences collaborated with the client’s team to identify opportunities for improvement by understanding the unique nature of their business, reviewing competitors’ websites, and conducting A/B testing. The team measured results and implemented changes that materially improved the site’s conversion rates.

Conversion Optimization Results for Shore Excursions

  • Substantial improvements in site conversion rates
  • Economic benefits that far exceeded the project cost
  • Highly responsive project management with clear communication and quick implementation

“The changes made by Conversion Sciences significantly improved the site’s conversion rate. The team clearly had deep expertise at all levels.”

Michael Bonner, Co-founder

Website Redesign Example: 250% Conversion Rate Increase

Wasp Barcode is a B2B company that sells inventory and asset management software.

Their goal was to increase the number of demo requests. They have a helpful sales team that is very good at turning demo requests into sales.

Website Redesign for Credibility and Authority

The site was completely redesigned with our Conversion Catalyst™ process.

Conversion Rate Optimization Results

Wasp Barcode demo requests rose soon after starting the Conversion Catalyst™ process.

Within six months they saw a 250% increase in the demo request conversion rate. And we were still redesigning across the site.

An increase in page and CTR conversion rates with zero risk of a bad website redesign. We call this the “double-whammy”.

The alternative? Wait 6 to 12 months for a traditional website redesign to see an increase in sales and revenues.

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eCommerce CRO Success Case: Improve Your Value Proposition to Boost Sales

Galeton, a 108 year-old company, sells manufacturing and construction apparel. They are great at driving repeat purchases, but need a steady flow of new customers to grow.

Conversion Sciences used AB testing to optimize the key elements of their value proposition to boost sales to new customers.

eCommerce AB Testing and Conversion Results

  • 18% increase in revenue per session, despite an exponential increase on CPC.
  • 12% growth in customer acquisition rate, which grew year-over-year and 6% increase in average order value.

Thus, getting a higher ROI on their paid traffic campaign investment.

eCommerce websites don’t always do a good job of answering a visitor’s first question, “Am I in the right place?”

Let us improve your new visitor conversion rate without sacrificing existing customers’ performance.


CRO Success Case: 42% Increase in Subscription Conversion Rate

A B2B/B2C web security company needed more customer subscriptions. With a Freemium model, a high cost per lead, and cart abandonment issues, the Conversion Scientists™ came to the rescue.

Results of Outsourcing the Conversion Optimization Process

  • 42% Increase in subscription sales conversion rate.
  • A 15% revenue lift, which returned $7 for every dollar invested in the CRO program.
  • Conversion rate lift of 61% via friction elimination in the purchase funnel.
  • The home page redesign led to a 12% increase in sales conversion rate.
  • 11% increase in trial downloads
  • Reduced cart abandonment resulted in a 4% increase in revenue per visitor

In many instances, clients are too close to their business, and it becomes very difficult to think like a visitor.

Outsourcing the conversion rate optimization process to a team of experts will boost your eCommerce sales and revenues.

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