Your Customer Creation Equation by Brian Massey: The Foundational Book for CRO

“I wrote this book more for the manager than for the practitioner. It is designed to help marketing managers and business owners identify what they should be working on and impose some level of proficiency in the creation of a great online effort.”

— Brian Massey

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Reviews for Your Customer Creation Equation

“If you’re relatively new to Web marketing — really committing to making the Web a primary channel for your business — this book is a great place to begin. It starts at a high level and takes a holistic view of websites, landing pages, shopping carts, email, and social media under the umbrella of one driving question: what works best to grow your business online?

What’s unique, however, is that it frames the entire marketing mission in the context of the scientific method. In Brian’s narrative, conversion optimization isn’t a tactic. Rather, it’s an overarching mindset that spans all of these different vehicles, a continual process of testing and learning.

He is quick to illustrate examples that show the scientific method isn’t inapproachable to nonscientists, and in fact, is ideally suited to digital marketing.

If you’re already experienced with conversion optimization, this is obviously preaching to the choir. There are certainly parts of Brian’s book that you will find elementary — such as a patient (but good!) explanation of conversion rate.

However, I think you’ll still find this a valuable read. Brian’s book helps make the case for conversion optimization marvelously, with lots of colorful examples and analogies. He writes in language that is plain and easy to understand, while at the same time evoking vivid and humorous imagery that really drives his points home.”

— Review of “Your Customer Creation Equation” by Scott Brinker of ion interactive: The Pocket-Sized Mad Scientist Of Conversion Optimization (Book Review)

“I enjoyed the book and picked up some valuable tips.”

— Review of “Your Customer Creation Equation” by Jim Ewel, “Conversion Strategies and a Few Tips”

“Brian’s book is a practical resource that provides a systematic approach for turning your website into a customer generating machine. I’ve got a feeling that this is one of those books that I’ll continue to reference again and again. My copy is already chock full of notes and folded page corners.”

— Review of “Your Customer Creation Equation” by Rejoiner

Book cover doodle of Your Customer Creation Equation by author and Conversion Scientist Brian Massey.

Your Customer Creation Equation by Brian Massey: Table of Contents


What is a Conversion Scientist?

The Web Deserter

The Search Engine Obfuscator

The “Pretty Sells” Designer

1. What is Conversion Science?

Conversion Defined

The Scientific Method Isn’t Scary

Ignore the Scientific Method at Your Peril

Measuring Conversion

Changing Your Conversion Rate

Making the Science Work for Your Business

Small Increases in Conversion Deliver Big Increases for Your Business

The Incredible Measurable Web

Market research is a collection of hypotheses, not answers

Look at Every Change as an Experiment

2. Your Digital Laboratory

Using the Digital Lab to Run Rings Around Your Competitors

Adding Analytics to the Lab

What Analytics Measure

What is Conversion Science?

Visits, visitors or pageviews?

Lies, Damn lies and Analytics

Interesting Questions You Should Be Able to Ask

Why do people leave our site without buying, trying or subscribing?

Adding Some Spy Equipment

3. So What Kind of Website Should You Be Running?

Your Core Customer Creation Equation

The Brochure Site

The Publication Site

The Online Store

The Consultative Site

The Online Service

The Conversion Formula Quiz

Your Current Site is Using the Wrong Formula

Your Customers Want You to Be Something Different

Your Situation Allows You to Choose Something More Effective

Conversion is About More than Just Web Pages

4. Conversion is About More Than Web Pages

Conversion to Awareness, Consideration and Action

Strategies for the Brochure

Strategies for the Publication Signature

Strategies for the Online Store

Strategies for the Consultative Site

Strategies for the Online Service

The Customer Creation Equation

Mixing and Matching Formulas

5. Catching Conversions

Funnels help us generate hypotheses

Tripwires Tell You When Someone Converts

Tracking Subscribers to Your Email Lists

Tracking Third Party Services

Tracking Clicks on Content

Tracking Social Media Success

Tracking E-commerce Transactions

Tracking Calls

Tracking Store Visits

Bring it All Together in Your Digital Lab

6. How Content Fuels Conversion

Powering Your Online Marketing 109 The “Markishing” Department

Sources of Content

Cascading Content

Automating Content that Converts

Track All of This in Your Digital Lab

7. Charge Your Marketing Battery for More Sales

Traffic Isn’t Cheap

Store your advertising investment in marketing batteries

Marketing databases are misused

Not All Content Discharges the Same

8. Landing Pages put Money in Your Pocket

What is Conversion Science?

Alternatives to Home

Why Your Pages Fail to Keep Your Promises

Product Pages Should be Treated as Landing Pages

Why Your Pages Fail to Help Your Business

Building Landing Pages Backwards

Step One: The Call to Action

Step Two: Fulfill the Promise

Step Three: Give them something to do

Step Four: Sell the Offer

Step 5: Overcome Resistance

Step Six: Show the product

Step Seven: Establish a Visual Hierarchy

Arranging the Elements of Your Landing Page

Track the Results in Your Digital Lab

9. Keeping Buyers from Checking Out When they Check Out

Why Ready Buyers Check Out During Check Out

How to Know if Your Checkout Process is Scaring Off Buyers

Two Types of Abandonment

Why People Who Are Ready to Buy Don’t

Resurrecting Buyers After they Leave

You are providing a valuable service

10. Getting Visitors Past the Home Page

The Battle for the Home Page

Key Concepts in Home Page Design

The Brochure Home Page

The Customer Creation Equation

Publication Home Page

The Online Store Home Page

The Home Page for the Consultative Site

Online Service Home Page

Your Designer Probably Led You Astray

Mobile Home Pages

11. Social Media: Finding Music in the Noise

Another Attempt to Define of Social Media

Content-oriented Social Media vs. Conversation-oriented Social Media

Social Media Landing Pages

Influencers earn their name

On-network vs. Off-network Landing Pages

The Turn: Switching from Pull to Push

Using a Social Battery to Charge Your Subscriber Battery

Track the Results in Your Digital Lab

12. Advanced Curriculum in Visitor Studies

You Don’t Get a Vote

Forget What You Know About Your Customers

Identify the Trigger

List the Things They Need to Know

Pick a Mode of Research

What Do You Want Them to Do?

Soft Conversions Error! Bookmark not defined.

Breathing Life into Your Rock Star Visitor Persona

What is Conversion Science?

Pick a Picture

Give us the facts

Apply, Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Where do we keep all of this?

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