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Jacob McMillen combines professional copywriting with clean web design, giving small-to-midsize businesses the high-converting websites they need to make meaningful online profits.

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4 Straightforward Ways To Increase Customer Retention

Returning customers are worth more than you think. So, here are 4 easy to implement ways to increase customer retention and customer retention rates. If you’ve listened to any of the top conversion experts lately, you’ve likely noticed them distancing themselves from the word “conversion”. While the goal of “conversion optimizers” is ultimately to increase […]

Competitive Analysis: How To Find and Analyze Your REAL Competitors

Competitive analysis is competitive advantage. What if you knew exactly what each of your major competitors was doing to attract, convert, and retain new customers? You knew which channels were bringing them the most customers. You knew how real customers were engaging with their websites. You knew how customers were being onboarded, retained, and upsold. Now forget […]

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