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How to Use Emotional Triggers to Increase Conversions

Mary Rose Maguire is the managing partner (with her husband) of Maguire Copywriting. Before she began her own copywriting agency, she produced copy in various corporate industries for over 25 years. The bulk of her copywriting experience has been produced for businesses selling to other businesses (B2B). She found that her clients had a terrible…

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5 Smart Calls-to-Action That Make Visitors Click

Companies will typically spend $92 to bring customers to their site, but only $1 to convert them. Traffic is only half the solution to a successful online business. If you’re putting 90% of your effort into driving traffic to your site, and minimal effort into optimizing your site for conversions then you may as well…

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Neuromarketing Hacks, The Perfect Landing Page and More

What is The Conversion Scientist reading this week? Neuromarketing – A Simple Hack That Makes You MUCH More Persuasive If you love the science of persuasion like we do, you should definitely be following my friend Roger Dooley’s blog. Here’s a great example of how he uses research to deliver actionable advice to marketers and…

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