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The Social Video Starter Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

This is a guest post by Ivan Serrano. The phrase “too long; didn’t read” has entered the lexicon of internet users worldwide, highlighting the importance of keeping things brief, so that’s what we’ll do here. The reasoning is simple: people are less likely to be distracted while watching and listening to a video, compared to…

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LOGMyCalls’ Conversation Analytics Data From Calls Analyzed in Q1.2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Call tracking is what happens BEFORE the call. Conversation Analyitcs is what happens ON the call. LogMyCalls’ Conversation Analytics uses sophisticated speech recognition technology and hundreds of thousands of proprietary algorithms to extract data from phone calls. McKay Allen shared the results from those Conversation Analytics in this incredible infographic. Some interesting takeaways:     …

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Conversion Killers

Conversion Killers Exposed [INFOGRAPH]

There is a lot of ugly in this infograph, ugly truths about conversion killers. What is it that is keeping your visitors from converting into buyers? Why are your shopping carts empty and left circling  in the wind? You might be shocked at some of the statistics that CWCS discovered while creating their awesome infograph….

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President’s Money Marketing Math [Infograph]

  George Washington. Abraham Lincoln. Ulysses S. Grant. Alexander Hamilton. Benjamin Franklin. Andrew Jackson. We know their names. We know what they have done for the United States of America. Some were great Presidents who led the United States through epic battles, others broke through the barriers of segregation. One was the very first US…

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Cascading Content is Content Marketing Made Easier

Your presentation will set off a cascade of content. It was a few paragraphs from my book in a Chapter entitled “How Content Fuels Conversion.” It started off pretty well, but it ended in a lie. Amid my discussions of video and images; of draftsmen and imagemakers and storytellers appeared a few lines. They’re there…

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Conversion Optimization Maturity Model [Infograph]

Maturity Models were all the rage at Conversion Conference Chicago 2013, but they can make you feel like you’re living with your marketing parents — immature. Don’t feel bad. We didn’t get a perfect score and we do this for a living (see below for how we score). Maturity models aren’t a way to judge…

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Science of Pricing – From Blog Growth

The brilliant minds over at Blog Growth posed  an important question recently; What’s the best price for your products? While consumers think prices are decided arbitrarily, there is a lot of work that goes into determining the price point for a product. Check out the amazing infographic Blog Growth put together to break down the…

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Brandscaping by Andrew Davis [INFOGRAPH]

I just got back from Content Marketing World and wanted to share my notes from one of the presentations with you. Andrew Davis gave the audience at nice overview of the concepts he champions in his new book Brandscaping, concepts that can fundamentally change the success of your brand today and in the coming years….

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