Rand Fishkin Cracks the SEO Code in 2015

As former head of Moz.com, Rand Fishkin is a guy who knows his stuff when it comes to SEO and search marketing in general. I had the pleasure of meeting and hearing him speak at Business of Software USA in Boston.
And I took notes.
I captured a live instagraph infographic for you since you couldn’t make it. You can download Rand’s slides.

Key Takeaways

“Google doesn’t want to count links that you can build.”

“Build relationships, not links.”
“Aim for resource pages and blog rolls.”
“Buy exposure that leads to links-Tabula, Outbrain, etc.”
“Do PR”

Share Socially

Tweets do affect rankings, but cause and effect are not clear.
Google+ your content. It will rank higher for your G+ network.

Content Marketing

If you’re in the bottom 15% of publishers, focus on quality over quantity.

Brian Massey
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