How a Blogcano Helps Both Sides of the Conversion Rate Fraction

Conversion is when the right customers land on your site and find what they’re looking for.

A blog is like a volcano.

A blog is like a volcano.

Google keeps tweaking its search algorithms to help them do just that. And you can help Google direct customers to your site by thinking like a blogcano.

What’s a blogcano?

It’s a site that spews lots of red-hot, relevant content the same way a volcano spews lava. People—and search engines–lose interest in a dormant volcano, just like a dormant site. But a volcano with lots of fireworks, pouring forth lots of lava is going to stay on Google’s radar, which will keep it on your customers’ radar.

Active volcanoes grow bigger. So do active websites. Treat your blog as a landing page, because that’s what it is: the place where conversion-ready customers land.

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Brian Massey
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  1. AstroGremlin says:

    A terrific article, Brian.  Part of the takeaway news is that your blogcano has to be like Old Faithful (okay, it’s actually a geyser).  My latest experiment:  cut down on publishing content.  Well, it was part experiment, part self-indulgence.  Result:  traffic from the search engine dropped off about 20%. I assume if I let my blogcano turn further into dormant rock, it would continue to slide.  That’s right, a rock slide.


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