Social Media and Search – Visual Live Blog: Innotech Portland-Giovanni Gallucci

I love to watch Social Media Ninja Giovanni Gallucci present. He imparted a great deal of info on the intersection of social media and search to the audience at the Innotech PDX 2010 eMarketing Summit last week.

If you weren’t there, you can enjoy it through the lense of my pen.

Here is the visual live blog from that presentation.

For more of Gio, visit for hours of good stuff from the Social Media Ninja.

Visual Live Blog Innotech Portland -Giovanni Gallucci

Notes from Giovanni Gallucci Presentation on Social Media Part 1 of 2


Click to Enlarge Part 1

social media Portland -Giovanni Gallucci

Notes from Giovanni Gallucci presentation on Social Media Part 2 of 2

Click to Enlarge Part 2

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