The Future of Content Marketing-Michael Brenner [INFOGRAPHIC]

Content Marketing guru Michael Brenner has four kids. That violates my rule of parenting: “Never let them outnumber you.” He seems to be handling things fine, and even made the kids a part of his inspiring Ascend Summit presentation “The Future of Content Marketing.”
Michael says, “Content Marketing has always been about connecting through stories people love.” and “The Future Content Marketing is entertaining.”

Content Marketing and Stories

“Marketing has always been about connecting through stories people love.”
“60% to 70% of marketing content goes unused.”
“73% of people would not care if the brand they bought went away.”
“80% of CEOs are dissatisfied with their CMO.”
“Newspapers have lost $40 billion in revenue in the last 15 years.”
“The future of marketing is entertaining.”

Four Great Content Hubs

American Express OPEN Forum
Red Bull
taste by William Sonoma
Here is my “instagraph” infographic recorded during his presentation.

Michael Brenner-The Future of Content Marketing

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Brian Massey
5 replies
  1. Stuart Davidson says:

    Never let them outnumber you – yes!
    One number that stuck out to me was 60-70% of marketing content goes unused. Does this mean content is unused by the business, or the consumer?
    If its the business, then do you think its due to overproducing, or not knowing its of value in a marketing framework, or something else?

    • Michael Brenner says:

      Hi Stuart, that research is from Sirius Decisions (you can Google the source) and reflects the amount of content created but that never gets used by the business in the intended channel. So if something is produced for the website, but then doesn’t get published.
      I think the root cause is the lack of a strategy that defines content as an asset. The resources that create content should be deployed strategically, not tactically inside their own silos. They should be focused on the customer issues that are most important at each phase of the buyer journey.


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