Landing Pages that Make Search Marketers Successful [VIDEO]

The folks at SEMRush hosted The Conversion Scientist for an entertaining hour on how to design search landing pages.
It was fun and educational, and if you missed it you can see the entire thing right here.

Hosted by SEMRush’s David Black, we covered the key components of a landing page that supports search traffic.

Two Jobs of a Search Landing Page

There are two jobs of a landing page that supports traffic from search ads:

  1. Keep the promise made in the search ad.
  2. Get the visitor to make a choice.

Thus, a search landing page must be tailored for the ad that is driving the traffic.
If you don’t know the promise that is driving traffic to the page you are creating, then you are not building a landing page. You’re building something else.
If your page needs anything other than content to make a visitor want to make a choice and take action, you’re probably not building a landing page. Each landing page needs all of five components.


Keeps the promise and gives the visitor a reason to act.


Provides a way for the visitor to take action, in their interest and in yours.


A catalyst that helps the visitor feel comfortable and confident taking action.


Another catalyst that supports the offer and the entire value proposition.


Helps the visitor imagine themselves taking action on the site by “seening” the product.
When you combine all of these elements together, you get a high-converting search landing page that is ready to be testing to improve performance even more.

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