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We Are Actively Dismantling Your Trusted Marketing Strategies

From the Society of Word of Mouth comes this little podcast about the change in marketing. It’s more serious than you might think. “It is no longer sufficient to communicate powerfully, you must say something powerful.” Download Audio | Subscribe to the Podcast | Subscribe via iTunes | Read the Post

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Getting Started with Behavioral Marketing

My New Series for ClickZ I’ve begun a series on ClickZ on Behavioral Marketing. If you follow my writing, you may realize that I don’t write about behavioral marketing — at all. This is new ground for me, and that may be my advantage. I’m not a Behavioral Marketing expert. I’m willing to ask the…

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Drilling in on Social Conversion Strategies

Dave Evans is one of the smartest guys in Social Media today and has the ability to ask questions that make you stop and think. Really think. So, when he asked my opinion on where social media meets conversion strategy, I really had to think. The result of our collaboration is his latest ClickZ article…

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Six E-mail Mistakes that Bassett Furniture Used to Piss Me Off

Are Bassett’s products as bad as their e-mail? I’ve gotten three e-mails from Bassett Furniture this week. I did not opt-in for this communication. And, to top it off, the e-mail address they sent to is used in one place: my kids’ elementary school. It’s the address I expect to get information from my kids’…

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Father of Email Claims His Social Network is the Biggest

AUSTIN, TX – Ray Tomlinson, the man responsible for putting the “@” in our email addresses has apparently gone on the warpath against MySpace, Facebook and other social networks who claim they have the largest memberships. “Zuckerberg Schmuckerberg!” Tomlinson was overheard saying at a social gathering. “My social network has been around since the 70s….

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“Evil” Best Buy Develops Personas

Oh no! The secret’s out. Best Buy actually took the time to profile their customers with the intention — GASP — of selling more to them. The Consumerist finds this somehow disingenuous, that one of the biggest consumer electronics retailers on the planet is not interested in selling to customers that aren’t profitable. Maybe it’s…

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