Conversion Optimization

Behavioral Science & Analysis: How To Turn Psychology Into Sales

If you’ve ever heard me speak at a conference, you know I like to wear a white lab coat. It’s not a gimmick, and I certainly don’t wear it because of its slimming properties. No, I wear it because of science. There is an area of research called Enclothed Cognition. It is the study of…

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How To Persuade Landing Page Visitors To Convert

They came. They saw. They left immediately and never returned… You’ve worked very hard to get visitors to your landing page. You’ve probably spent a lot of money as well. And while you are ready to sell to them now, you might be getting ahead of yourself. If you want customers to push your buttons, you…

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The 6 Rules of Behavioral Data Built Into All of Us

We all make decisions every day based on what other people are doing. You are wired to navigate the world using behavioral data. When you check Facebook to see how many people like and comment on your most recent post, you’re using your built-in behavioral know-how. When you select a movie based on the Rotten…

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How To Create Testing Hypotheses That Drive Real Profits: 8 Simple Steps

We were contacted recently by a company that offers hundreds of online games all on one site. The site’s home page displayed dozens of colorful tiles, each linking to a game. To find out how we might improve on this, I went straight to our online gaming expert: my then 13-year-old son. I sent him a…

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5 Extreme Personalization Examples That Actually Worked

Extreme personalization works… but it’s hard work. We know that the more narrowly our marketing is focused, the more likely people are to respond. The most extreme version of this is 1-to-1 marketing, which while effective, is not really scalable. Through creativity and technology, however, several companies have been able to utilize extreme personalization at scale, and…

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5 Essential Qualities of a High-Converting Promotional Video

What’s the first thing visitors see when they come to your site? If the answer isn’t a promotional video, you are probably missing out on a sizable chunk of conversions. In addition the broad trend of increased video consumption – projected to reach 80% of all web traffic by 2019 – promotional videos in particular are…

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Facebook Ads Simplified: If You Aren’t Cooking With Tofu, You’re Losing Money

Facebook advertising is becoming the premier B2C online sales platform. The numbers don’t lie—Facebook raked in $27 billion (with a “b”) in ad revenue in 2016. And it’s not hard to see why people are flocking to the platform for their B2C marketing needs—it has vast consumer data through the Open Graph, innovative ad units, and…

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Learn the two primary objectives of a successful lead magnet

Why Great Lead Magnets Work (And Why Yours Aren’t Performing)

The other day, I was working with a client who had well over 30,000 email subscribers. I initially anticipated that any campaigns we sent would receive a decent amount of traffic, yet when I looked at his send history, I discovered his click-through rates were abysmally small. On average, barely half a percent of his subscribers were…

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4 Automated Email Responses With Insanely High Conversion Rates

When you think of email marketing for your eCommerce site, what comes to mind? Like most eCommerce business owners or managers, you might be thinking about the newsletters you send to your email list subscribers or the transactional emails that go out automatically once a shopper on your site completes a purchase. But think about…

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Inbound Calls

The 4-Step Process For Drastically Increasing Inbound Calls

When you focus your strategies on getting those who might call to pick up the phone, you can enjoy significantly higher sales rates, bigger average order values and new customers that are more satisfied with their first buying experience. Make calls a key part of your focus, and harvest more of those fickle visitors coming on mobile phones.

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9 Business Tagline Examples That Drove Multi-Million Dollar Growth

Taglines and slogans can get a bit of a bad rap in the conversion world. When the goal is immediate conversion, a targeted, well-written value proposition will beat a vague tagline every day of the week. But that doesn’t mean taglines aren’t important. In fact, depending on your company size and marketing strategy, a tagline can…

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Anatomy Of An Optimized Checkout Experience

Abandonment rates for ecommerce shopping carts average around 70%. An optimized checkout experience can save many of these ready-to-buy visitors. Here are the four major reasons visitors abandon and how to reduce them from your checkout process.

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