Landing Page Optimization with Tim Ash

Landing Page Optimization on WebmasterRadio
Tim Ash and Brian Massey talk about finding your customer creation equation in this installment of Landing Page Optimization on Webmaster Radio.
My favorite quote from the discussion is, “There’s a big dumb bouncer in your brain.”
Thanks for that, Tim.



Brian Massey
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  1. Nitesh Ahir says:

     Hey Brian, I listen your conversion on LPO & that is one of the inspirational conversion I have listened.
    I have one dough about on LPO that is experience & subconscious  are working most important role while getting returning as well as at the time of branding.
    Now the question is about what should I have to do while doing redesigning the website? May I stick with same color or same looks with minor changes? Or May I go with complete makeover on my website.
    Looking for an expert opinion.

    • Brian Massey says:

      Nitesh, redesigning is a very good topic. I wish I’d added a chapter to my book on redesigns. The problem is that you don’t know what is working and what is not working on your current site. 
      What if the color and looks are helping conversions? Changing them is a mistake.
      The best way to redesign is step by step. Change the things on the site that you think are blocking visitors, but do them with tests. If the change increases conversion rates, keep it.
      Rarely do I see a site in which color or design is a major limiting factor. More often it is clarity, navigation, copy, value proposition, offer, form length, trust, ease of checkout, etc.
      Too often we redesign because “it’s just time.” Unfortunately  this hurts frequent and return visitors who are comfortable with the “old” design.
      Redesign in steps. Here’s a good example from our friends at Wider Funnel:


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