Entrepreneur Unleashes Website Optimization Experts

Would you be brave enough to let a bunch of conversion experts tell you what is wrong with your website?  Flex Fitness’s Ryan Ehler did just that when he won the privilege of having five website optimization experts evaluate a landing page for one of his ads. Digital Marketer published all of the recommendations.
The critiques may seem a little rough, but in the end Ryan was the recipient of some really solid advice (estimated to be worth $25,000).
Our own Brian Massey pointed out some problems that needed to be addressed. Here are the note from which his full critique was created.

Notes from Brian Massey's review of Flex Fitness landing page.

Notes from Brian Massey’s review of Flex Fitness landing page.

What can you take away from this?
1. Make your landing page match the promises in your ad. Ryan does a good job here, matching copy and images.
2. Don’t try to be too cute with your copy.
Why do we want to catapult our results?? We want to keep them, don’t we?
Why do we want to catapult our results?? We want to keep them, don’t we?
3. Use images that support your value proposition. The image of the gym are supportive. The stock photos in the “Three Words…” section is not.
4. Make your calls to action clear. What will happen if your visitor submits a form or clicks on a button.
Read the full critiques from Brian and website optimization experts Chris Goward, Tim Ash, Justin RondeauPeep Laja.
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