Copyright Infringement-Things to Avoid on the Web [INFOGRAPH]

From a conversion optimization standpoint, there’s only one thing worse than business porn, and that’s stolen business porn.
Do you know how copyright works? Are you sure you understand “fair use” of content? Are you vulnerable to having your trademarks stolen from you?
These are some of the questions Ruth Carter addressed in her Ungagged conference presentation Social Media Horror Stories. It may help you avoid copyright infringement, unline Perez Hilton and having your trademark taken by companies like Adecco.
My favorite line from her presentation is [pullquote]Google: This is not where you go to find images. This is where you go to infringe someone.[/pullquote]
She is quick to point out that this does not constitute legal advice. This will not qualify you to make legal decisions. And, as Crystal Cox found out the hard way, always hire a lawyer if you suspect you have an issue.

Copyright Infringement, Trademarks and More

This infographic is taken from my instagraph notes from her presentation.


Social Media Nightmares

Ruth opens her presentation with the cautionary tale of Justine Sacco’s journey to South Africa. She jumped on an 11-hour flight after launching an ill-advised tweet to her 170 followers. By the time she had landed, she had been vilified on Twitter. The hash tag #hasjustinelandedyet trended to the top. She had been fired.
Other nightmares can be found in the infographic. Infringer beware.

Brian Massey
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