Using Business Video to Solve the Subject Matter Expert Problem

One video can be the source of all kinds of marketing content


Now, we all know that video is a great way for us to tell a story and communicate with our prospects, with our customers, and with suspects – people who may not even know what our business does. But have you thought about how powerful video is in terms of communicating with the rest of the team? A content strategy includes content from a number different sources – blog posts, infographs, reports, white papers, e-books. Your options are almost unlimited.

Solving the Subject Matter Expert Problem

The biggest challenge is what I call the subject matter expert problem. How do you get the knowledge out of the subject matter experts heads — either in your company or in your industry — and get them to turn what they know into these content?
The good news is you’ve got video.
It could be video like the talking head video above. It could be explainer videos that you’ve made, and even something as simple as webinar videos – videos captured while somebody delivered a webinar. The beauty of all of these forms of video is that the subject matter expert has sat down and thought about how they would explain what they want to teach on video.

Business Video Provides Everything Your Content Team Needs

Now, if you take that video and you hand it to the people who are producing your content, they should have everything they need, everything from how to lay it out and how to organize the explanations, and the thoughts, and the education, plus the graphics that come along with video.
Think about making video that’s not just for your prospects and clients. Think about making it for your internal team so that one video can cascade  and turn it into whole bunch of other kinds of content. This page was ripped from the above video.

Brian Massey
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