How to Make Your Blog ERUPT [VIDEO]

Flipboard-Conversion-Scientist My blog looks awesome on iPads with Flipboard. Watch the video and see how yours can, too.

It was a Saturday. I was painting the walls of one of our bathrooms. The new color really brought out the tile we’d had installed the week before. Otherwise, things were pretty quiet around the house on this day.
But things were different on my blog.
As I painted, a series of machinations were in motion. A post I’d launched that morning which was being broadcast out to my mailing list.
My social networks — Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook – were being lit up with links to the content and people were clicking through.
Those spending Saturday morning with their iPads were seeing my post as a story in their electronic magazines using Flipboard and Zite.
All of this was happening without my participation. I was painting the bathroom.

Eruptions Happen Naturally

My content literally ERUPTS onto the web. I don’t have to push it. I don’t have to post and share.
How is this?
Content is a force on the Web. It wants to be shared. It needs to be set free.
All you have to do is give it a channel through which it can relieve the natural pressure.
Blogs are equipped with RSS feeds that make natural vents and fissures for your content.
It’s time you started letting your content free (while you do other things).

Free Video Preview Explains the Basics

Watch a short video (8 minutes) that I’ve put together for you. It’ll tell you why content creates pressure and detail many of the channels you can let your content escape through.
If you want to get more details, you can watch the full 40-minute video for just $29 at the Online Marketing Institute’s eLearning Center.
For that same $29, you will also get access to over 150 other videos on topics including:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Analytics and Testing
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Advertising and Affiliate

All in one place.
All for $29 per month.
I can’t think of a better value on the Web. Get started with my free video.

Brian Massey
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