Caption Test for Images that Boost Your Conversion Rate

Your images leave me baffled at best, distracted at worst.

Left on their own, what would these images tell you about the site they were found on?

iStock_000012057784XSmalliStock_000000481451XSmallPortrait of a female executive

Not much.

If you’re selling question-mark-shaped doll houses, orange couches or business apparel, these will work. The sites I found these images on are selling financial services, insurance and IT training, in that order.

You’ve seen these or something like them many many times. Your brain filters out images like this on a Web page.

In Identifying Images that don’t Convert: The Caption Test, I propose a simple test that will help you weed out images that are irrelevant to your visitors, and thus are less likely to help your conversion rates.

UPDATE: Check the comments for more images and captions submitted by my readers.

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