Five Copywriters That Can Make or Break Your Conversion Rate

We have a little fun with Copywriters in my newest Content Marketing Institute post, How to Find the Right Copywriter for your Landing Pages.
Pencil-pusherIf you could only hire one professional that would increase the number of people who buy or become a lead on your site, it would be a copywriter.
They can paint more detailed pictures than a photographer.
They can use more colorful language than a designer.
Communicate with humans and search engines.
If you’re going to dominate your competition online, it is because they write their copy themselves. I suggest you find a good direct response copywriter and let them do their work.
To help you get familiar with the kinds of copywriters you might meet in a dark alley, I’ve described five that I’ve run into on a regular basis.

  1. The Styrofoam Sandwich Writer

  2. The SEO Substituter

  3. The Frustrated Novelist

  4. The Soviet-era Propagandist

  5. The Persuader

Most copywriters you meet will be a combination of some of these.
Tell me about your favorite copywriter in the comments. Let us know what combination of the above he or she exhibits.
Brian Massey, The Conversion Scientist teaches businesses of all sizes how to get more leads and sales from the traffic coming to their Web site.
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  1. John Rugh says:

    Brian, as a professional copywriter, I’m a Persuader.  I’m not an “artist”, I’m not a “creative”, I’m in sales.  I sell through the written word with the goal of helping my clients have wildly successful marketing campaigns. The goal of everything I write is to persuade the reader to take action. 
    You can have great SEO, great web design, an active social media presence, but without the right words, your online marketing campaign is dead in the water.Thanks for telling your readers how important it is to invest in the services of a professional copywriter.
    Have a great day!
    John Rugh


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