Can Live Chat Increase Conversions?

I was recently conversing with a client who was unable to purchase a complete set of books on He was extremely frustrated that the website would only suggest one book at a time, when he knew that they should be sold as a set. He eventually abandoned his session on Amazon and purchased the…

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Science: It’s Not Just for High School Anymore

In his blog post announcing a new version of Visual Website Optimizer, Paras Chopra makes it clear that they want to bring the scientific method to online marketers. You can get the tools. Who is sitting in your chair? We’ve been doing this since 2006. Paras says, “” He also says something that I think…

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3 Must-Use Facebook Ad Tactics for 2014

This is a guest post by Simon Campbell Facebook is not only the most popular of the many social networks; it’s also the most prone to changes. What worked well just a few short months ago on the site may not be the best formula to try in 2014. Changes in the News Feed have…

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Conversion Optimization Upside Caculator Report Sample

Our Improved Conversion Upside Report

The Conversion Upside Report tells you what gains an optimization plan would give you. We’ve redesigned our Conversion Upside Report so you can more quickly understand how much you should be investing in website optimization. We’ve used color and short commentary on six different criteria to help you understand where your site is on the…

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7 Marketing Lessons Learned When Naming My New Book

  After nine months of writing, fifteen chapters complete and dozens of columns supporting the effort, you’d think that the easiest thing to do would be to pick a name for my conversion marketing book. As it turns out, this is difficult. So why read a post about selecting a book title? Because, it’s all…

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Four Lessons Learned

Can you send a daily email to a business-to-business email list?   One of my favorite conversion strategies is the second chance. The second chance only comes when I have a way to continue the conversation; to get someone to come back again and let me make my case again.   There is no better…

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B2B Marketers Must Embrace Conversion Marketing

Conversion marketing is about bringing visitors to choice. B2B marketers carry this same burden.

Can marketers in more conservative industries use techniques proven to increase online leads and sales in B2C markets? Not only should B2B marketers try everything that B2C businesses are using, they risk irrelevance if they don’t.

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Analytics for Everyone

  Spend precious Web resources on the smart stuff If you follow The Conversion Scientist, you will have dutifully put an analytics package in place on your Web site, such as Google Analytics, Woopra, Clicky or SiteMeter. This doesn’t mean that the information has helped you improve your Web site. Let’s change that. Let me…

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