Get Around Website Blind Spots with Split Testing Software [PODCAST]

Find out how your visitors became customers with multi-goal tests.

How many goals do you set when you’re designing a split test for your website?

We’re goal-crazy here in the lab at Conversion Sciences. It is not unusual for our tests have dozens of goals. Why is that?

We see split testing as a data collection activity, not a tool that gives us answers. It’s not like wikipedia. The split-testing software on the market to day is amazingly agile when it comes to tracking, targeting and snooping on visitor behavior. We certainly want to track transactions, revenue and leads. But we learn so much more from our tests.

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In my new Marketing Land column The Multi-Goal Magic Of Split Testing Software, I describe how we use some of these goals to find sweet spots in a website.


  • Find out how to “light up” a funnel that is invisible to analytics.

  • Discover the pages are most influential in converting.

  • Segment your audience based on their behaviors.

You can listen to the column or read it for yourself.

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