Discover the Chemistry Behind a Successful Landing Page [Infographic]

Is your landing page converting? Is it converting well? Do you know why? Do you know why not?

You can get wrapped around the axel, obsessing over the all of the things we recommend here at Conversion Sciences. Is this the right font? Is the color theme too loud, not loud enough? Too many options? Not enough options? What is with this border?

After countless hours, you finally hit publish. And you wait. And you continue to wait. You leave your analytics dashboard open, hitting refresh every minute, sometimes more, to get updates in real time.  You start to get frustrated as you notice that traffic is landing on your page, but no one is taking action. Why is no one taking action?

The bottom line is this: A landing page keeps a promise and entices visitors to take action.

We're trying to get a reaction from our visitors with a landing page.

As scientists, we study reactions using our Periodic Table of Website Optimization Elements. We understand the science behind landing page optimization. Just like in chemistry, we first learn how components combine to form new elements. Once we understand these basic reactions, we are ready to create a landing page that:


  • Makes an offer.

  • Provides a form.

  • Delivers tangible proof.

  • Earns your visitors trust.

  • Shows relevant images.

Warning: These compounds are highly reactive and can be dangerous.

Here are the steps you can take to create a controlled Landing Page reaction in your digital laboratory.
The Chemistry of a Successful Landing Page Infographic

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Shelly Koenig

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