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CMO, Let My People Go

We covered a lot of ground in my DMA 90 pre-conference intensive “Optimizing Your Web Site for Conversion and Business Success.” I learned a great deal from my audience. But underneath the energy was an undertow dragging us away from shore. It was the knowledge that we would be returning to marketing departments that are understaffed, under budgeted, and — worst of all — focused on the wrong things.

It’s Time to Get Your Email On

Would you believe that e-mail marketing is still in its infancy? A couple of graphs from MarketingSherpa drive an important point home about the use of e-mail for marketing. It works, it has always worked, and it will continue to work. You just have to know how to use it. In this graph, “Emailing to […]

Personas Can Mean Bigger Online Projects

Personas provide three powerful points that will help you focus your marketing and advertising dollars, and justify more spending. This is why Personas can mean bigger online projects. The power of fake people Imagine your most important customer, let’s call her Melissa, walking into your meeting room and laying the law down to your manager, […]