Social Commerce: Which Social Media Platforms Drive the Most Sales? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do Facebook posts, Tweets, and YouTube videos convert anything into sales? Are we wasting our time? Is there really any point in social commerce at all?

To better understand how social media is impacting the eCommerce industry, Shopify analyzed data from 37 million social media visits that led to 529,000 orders. In the process, they uncovered loads of interesting statistics that you need to see.  Some surprising facts include:


  • 85% of all orders from social media belong to Facebook.

  • Vimeo and YouTube beat out Pinterest, Instagram, AND Twitter in conversions. Video content consistently converts at 1.16%.

  • Social orders drop by 10-15% on the weekend.

Social CommerceCourtesy of Conversion Sciences Web Optimizers

Shelly Koenig
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  1. Kayla Cooper says:

    I wonder how much this has changed since this study was done in 2013. I know vimeo is hardly discussed among my peers in the young 20’s and even less by the high school market I am closely connected to via my job and my younger sister. Twitter may be giving Facebook a run for their money, if not exceeding their numbers currently. I would love to see this study done again so I can share it on my sales and marketing company’s executive blog..


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