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An Insider’s View on Visual Marketing – Get Your Own Gimmick

For The Conversion Scientist, Visual Marketing is very simple: Create a hook and use it everywhere. Speaking engagements, your website, your social media profiles, webinars, podcasts, the movies, grocery shopping. Well, maybe not everywhere. Brian Massey devised an inventive way to exaggerate the serious nature of his business without compromising its integrity. With science on […]

Conversion Killers Exposed [INFOGRAPH]

There is a lot of ugly in this infograph, ugly truths about conversion killers. What is it that is keeping your visitors from converting into buyers? Why are your shopping carts empty and left circling  in the wind? You might be shocked at some of the statistics that CWCS discovered while creating their awesome infograph. […]

MarketingProfs PRO Seminar: Chemistry of a Landing Page

If you miss the mark when creating your landing pages, you could lose a visitor or potential customer – forever. As scientists, we study reactions using our Periodic Table of Website Optimization Elements. We understand the science behind landing page optimization. [View the story “MarketingProfs PRO Seminar: Chemistry of a Landing Page” on Storify]

How to Budget for Conversion Rate Optimization

More and more companies are putting Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) into their online marketing budgets. You should, too. CRO — or website optimization, or revenue optimization — increases revenue, leads and subscribers. It also decreases the cost of all of your marketing. It reduces your acquisition cost by turning more visitors into leads and buyers. […]

President’s Money Marketing Math [Infograph]

George Washington. Abraham Lincoln. Ulysses S. Grant. Alexander Hamilton. Benjamin Franklin. Andrew Jackson. We know their names. We know what they have done for the United States of America. Some were great Presidents who led the United States through epic battles, others broke through the barriers of segregation. One was the very first US Secretary […]

Brian Massey, Beyond the Lab Coat [AUDIO]

The original Conversion Scientist sat down with host of the Big Value Big Business podcast, James Lynch, to discuss everything from how he makes a terrible employee, to finding your own gimmick, to the inter-workings of a conversion scientist. Some highlights from the interview include:      Brian spends a great deal of his time, […]

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