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Alaskan Discount Store Experiences Real Shopping Cart Abandonment

Women’s Bay, Alaska – 98% of Shoppers abandon their full shopping carts. In an event termed, “Reality imitating the Internet,” a trove of shoppers left shopping carts full of merchandise at the checkout counters of this small Alaskan discount retailer. “Everything seemed fine, “ said store owner Edsel “Mac” Jones. “They were shopping, comparing prices, […]

President's Day Marketing Money Math

Presidents day is a great day to talk about money, because so many of our most awesome presidents are on US bills. If you’re on a bill, you are the president of legal tender in our book. When we think of the kinds of data we use to make decisions, there is $1 marketing math […]

Landing Page Optimization with Tim Ash

Tim Ash and Joel Harvey talk testing screw-ups and “with and without” tests. Find out if there is a lab at Conversion Sciences called the “QA-tion Station” and how many Igloos Joel has built in the latest installment of Landing Page Optimization on Webmaster Radio. Subscribe

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