What Makes Shoppers Click? A Lesson in E-Commerce Consumer Psychology (INFOGRAPHIC)

Checkout abandonment rates stand at an average of 67.4%.
This eye opening statistic reveals that a significant amount of online businesses are letting valuable sales slip through their fingers due to errors within the checkout stage itself. The modern day consumer is spoiled by choice, they can easily compare prices, they judge a website and brand within seconds and they will make quick judgments on whether to make a purchase or not with any slight site error or cause for doubt leading to a loss of interest, and lost sales.
Online brands must work increasingly harder to encourage their consumers to make a purchase. Brands must understand how their consumers respond to their website design and layout as well as offering top customer service, quality products and competitive prices – not an easy challenge.
Vouchercloud has developed this infographic to help online businesses gain an understanding of what puts consumers off from making a purchase – leading to checkout abandonment. It gives an insight into the mind of the ever demanding online consumer in a bid to help businesses improve their sales.
Consumer Psychology and eCommerce Checkouts
About the Author:
Emma works for vouchercloud. She works with brands to plan and develop effective coupon marketing campaigns which will boost profits and increase brand exposure. She enjoys all aspects of marketing and the challenges of producing a successful campaign which will be well received by consumers. Her key responsibilities are to develop and launch these campaigns with her team. You can reach vouchercloud on Twitter & Facebook.

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    • Emma Bostwick says:

      Hi Peter, There is so much to running an online business these days, it is far from simple. Getting the consumer to trust you, to relate to your products and to browse, add products to their cart and actually proceed through the checkout is not an easy task. We highlighted some of the leading causes for checkout abandonment within this infographic, but there is also a lot more to it. I hope it has been helpful.

  1. Angeline Plesek says:

    Thanks for sharing such valuable information! Business owners, managers, marketers, etc. spend so much time and energy driving traffic to websites and then can drop the ball so easily in these other areas once the prospect has arrived.

    • Emma Bostwick says:

      Hello Angeline, I am really glad you enjoyed it. Some of the tips here are very simple. With so much to manage with an online business, it is easy to miss things and feel stretched. So glad you found it useful!


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