I had the honor of presenting at the University of Texas McCombs School of Business Conference and Alumni Reunion along side some smart people. These included Sam Decker, recently of Bazaarvoice, who gave the attendees three tips on how to succeed in a world of influencers.
Here is the infograph of his presentation captured with instagraph technology.
Sam Decker Success Influencer World Part 1
INFOGRAPH: Sam Decker Success in a World of Influencers Part 2

Brian Massey

Conversion Scientist™ at Conversion Sciences
Brian Massey is the Founder and Conversion Scientist™ at Conversion Sciences. He is the author of Your Customer Creation Equation. His rare combination of interests, experience and neuroses were developed over almost 20 years as a computer programmer, entrepreneur, corporate marketer, international speaker and writer.
Brian Massey
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