Infographics, Conversion Heatmaps, and Why Marketing is Broken: For Further Study

INFOGRAPHIC Crafting the Subject Line that Gets Your Email Read – Litmus

We’ve seen in email tests that subject lines can have implications far beyond the open rate. We’ve seen two identical emails with identical landing pages have the same open rates and the same click-through rates (CTR), but one generated more sales than the other.

What’s the difference? The subject line.

In short, subject lines are important. And they are difficult to write.

Build a Conversion Rate Heatmap by Hour & Day of Week in Google Docs

When we dig into a site’s analytics, we try a number of different approaches to the data. Sometimes interesting things pop out, and sometimes the data looks “as expected.

“This is an analysis we are going to start adding to our analysis: Heatmap of Conversions by Hour of Day. We will modify it for our ecommerce clients (as we track Revenue per Visit, or RPV).

You might try this and see if there is an interesting pattern in your data.

It’s Not My Job: Why Marketing is Broken

@TheGrok (Bryan Eisenberg) is one of the founders of the performance marketing movement — we’ve called it conversion marketing. He has the cred to ask the hard questions.

In this very impactful article, he asks “Really, is this so hard to do?” of the email marketers whom he sees as “broken.”These examples should leave you with a feeling of, “Oh yes. I get it now.”

That can be a very valuable feeling.

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