48 Tweetable Stats To Make You An Online Marketing SmartyPants | Unbounce

@unbounce has provide a post with a double payoff. First, this is a great list of conversion-related stats and, second, a great example of how to design content to be sharable. The content is sharable for the following reasons:
  • The title contains the call to action “48 Tweetable Stats…”
  • There’s something here for everyone
  • The quotes are Twitter-sized for easy sharing in 140 character
  • Each quote has a call to action in the form of a “Tweet this” link. Every quote

So, if you’ve got something you really want people to share, follow this recipe. For article-style content, use pull quotes and put a “Tweet this” link with each.

These guys are real smarty-pants.

E-Commerce Customer Acquisition Snapshot | Custora Blog

The interesting graphic shown in this post by Custora shows how e-commerce businesses are gaining customers and how that has changed since 2009.

It is no surprise to see cost-per-click (CPC) search advertising growing over that time. However, it is gratifying to see that email has grown the fastest, far outstripping banner advertising, Facebook and Twitter.
In my book I say that email is the biggest social network on the planet. It appears to be so for e-commerce companies as well.
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