What 80% of Ecommerce Shoppers Want From Your Site [INFOGRAPHIC]

Give Online Shoppers What They Want

What are online shoppers looking for?  No matter what you’re selling, knowing the answer to this question is the first step to figuring out how to give them what they want.

The Conversion Scientists here spend their time testing ecommerce sites, and they know that the recommendations in this infographic can work for your online store. But not always.

For example, you should be careful about offering more shipping options. Though 50% of the people in a survey said they wanted more shipping options, our tests have shown that too many choices reduces sales.

Online shopping is constantly growing, and now over two thirds of consumers shop online at least once a month. A whopping 0% never shop online, that is, 0% of people who respond to shopping surveys. Don’t you love statistics?

Numbers like that are pretty solid motivation to figure out exactly what’s going to make a person press the buy button, and an illuminating infographic sharing tips and trends for eStores is a great place to start.

110 Point Ecommerce Checklist

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Our Best Ideas for Ecommerce Websites

We assembled our Conversion Scientists in a room and asked them to list out what they consider testing when given an ecommerce website.

This is what they told us.

  • 110 ideas in 17 pages
  • Full color examples
  • From the home page to the cart.

Keep this resource on your desk always.

It probably comes as no surprise that offering free shipping helps nudge people into spending money, but it may be surprising just how much it matters.  For 80% of online shoppers, free shipping makes them more likely to buy something. More than three fourths of online shoppers will add items to their shopping cart if it means not paying for shipping.

With the US spending billions of dollars in ecommerce, how much money are you losing by not offering free shipping?

Customers are also much more likely to convert if they know they can easily return an item they no longer want.

This is another factoid with a catch. You must state your “shipping both ways” return policy such that the visitors see and understand it. This usually takes some testing of language and placement. Too many ecommerce sites have an amazing return policy that is invisible to their shoppers.

Of online shoppers, at least half of them will use their smartphone or tablet to make purchases over the course of three months.  Having a mobile strategy is crucial to serving those potential customers, especially since many of them won’t do any comparison shopping if they’re using an app to shop.

Give Shoppers What They Want Infographic from Alight.com

Will any of these ideas work on your ecommerce site?

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