Conversion Rate Optimization is Good for a Laugh with Joanna Wiebe and Brian Massey [WEBINAR]

Why are these conversion rate optimization experts laughing?

At first, the questions sounded pretty serious: “How often should you be emailing your customers?”  “What’s the best wording for a CTA (call to action)?”  “What should every conversion rate optimization team include?”
Brian Massey and Joanna Wiebe of Copyhackers teamed up to answer questions like these in their off-kilter but on-track Ask Me Anything About CRO webinar. If you didn’t get to watch the original broadcast, then don’t worry. This was too much fun not to share here.

These conversion optimization experts are having too much fun.

Who’s on their CRO Dream Team?

Brian says, [pullquote]”A CRO Dream Team includes a data scientist, a front-end developer, and a designer who won’t get all creative-y”[/pullquote] and will just design what you’re looking for.  It doesn’t hurt to have an investor paying the bills either.  Joanna’s team also includes a traffic guru, analytics guru, UX pro, copywriter, and a conversion director.

CRO tips for email marketing.

Bottom line: send more emails.  One of the biggest problems that Brian has seen is that companies simply aren’t sending enough of them.  [pullquote position=”right”]If you’re worried about spamming your subscribers, dial up the value on what you’re sending them.[/pullquote]  You will be training your customers that your emails are worth opening, so no matter how often they see something from you in their inbox, it will be worth reading.

What should a CTA say to increase clicks?

It turns out, the magic word for a successful CTA is “get”, as in “Get a free quote”.  Visitors to your site are trying to accomplishing something, and the wording on a CTA should be telling them how to do it. Using first person on a CTA button also does well – as in “I want to…”.  Make sure you tie the wording into the headline on your page so that your messages match.

Watch the Recorded Webinar

For answers to more questions – like how many product options you should include on your page, how to show trustworthiness on a landing page, and how to make sense of heat mapping data – and some landing page critiques, watch the recorded webinar above.

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