Conversion Optimization

Your Explaining Face Will Change Your Content Marketing

My ten-year-old son gave me a valuable lesson in content marketing today. Sean has a good friend who, to hear him tell it, rarely changes his expression. It’s just who he is. However, Sean was sharing one of this friend’s more interesting ideas: to build a tall building and put a catapult at the top…

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B2B Marketers Must Embrace Conversion Marketing

Conversion marketing is about bringing visitors to choice. B2B marketers carry this same burden.

Can marketers in more conservative industries use techniques proven to increase online leads and sales in B2C markets? Not only should B2B marketers try everything that B2C businesses are using, they risk irrelevance if they don’t.

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Is 2010 the Year of Website Optimization?

2010 is the year for website optimization. Still we have to remember that website optimization is at the top of the conversion stack. First you have truly know your visitor. You have to create a content platform to answer questions. You have to identify the best media strategies and channels to reach your target audience. And most importantly, you have to have the content your customers want. And then you’re ready for optimization.

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Conversion and Google Maps Optimization

This is a guest post by Brian Combs of ionadas local. A Local SEO Horror Story About eighteen months ago, the SEO agency of which I was then a member was hired by a company in the travel industry. Their websites were seeing a 20% drop in traffic from Google. Even more worrisome was the…

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How Are You Going to Fix Your Conversion Problem?

The heartbreak of “bounce” and what to do about it. Boing! That’s the sound of someone finding your site, but not finding what they wanted ON your site. Boing! That’s the sound of Web site content that doesn’t match your marketing. Boing! That’s the sound of a Web site that talks about the company instead…

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The Great Marketing Business Card Scratch-off

Marketing people aren’t important, so let’s call ourselves something else Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg make the point in their book Waiting for Your Cat to Bark? that the average tenure of a marketing executive is less than the gestation period of an elephant. WiderFunnel has summarized some of the findings of an Ernst & Young…

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What is Your Social Conversion Rate?

After collaborating for a ClickZ article on Social Conversion with Dave Evans, I was pleased to get an opportunity to work with him to expand on the topic. I presented the topic at the eMarketing Summit during Innotech Portland 2009.

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