Editor’s Note: For our new year, we thought we would look back, way back to November 29, 2009. Did I ever really look that good?

“Conversion is a science and an art. If you get the science right, you get to have fun with the art.”

Jonas Lamis at Tech Ranch invited me to sit down with him and talk about my favorite topic: conversion.

For some unknown reason, I was succinct and somewhat articulate. Go figger.

Watch the video to find out why you might need a Conversion Scientist in your business. I also give my best advice to any entrepreneur who wants to make the Web a key strategy in their business.

Brian Massey and Jonas Lamis talk Conversion

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Brian Massey

Conversion Scientist™ at Conversion Sciences
Brian Massey is the Founder and Conversion Scientist™ at Conversion Sciences. He is the author of Your Customer Creation Equation. His rare combination of interests, experience and neuroses were developed over almost 20 years as a computer programmer, entrepreneur, corporate marketer, international speaker and writer.
Brian Massey
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