Conversion-Centered Design

Create a Reaction When You Optimize

Get More Online Sales with the Elements of Conversion

One of my most requested and highest rated presentations for online sales is The Chemistry of the Landing Page. It’s part of our Conversion Course. The elements combine to make an effective landing page. Here’s the equation for a successful landing page: This formula tells us that an effective landing page takes a Web Page…

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Is Google Using Mobilegeddon to Lead You Astray?

The Threat: Mobilegeddon, Google’s search algorithm change that would penalize mobile websites that weren’t “mobile friendly”. There is little as scary to an online business as having your source of traffic threatened. However, Google put some resources in place and is making recommendations to businesses to help them become mobile-friendly. The recommendations will not help…

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adaptive vs responsive web design feature image

How Many Customers Are You Losing Due to Responsive Web Design?

The increasing popularity of a variety of devices to access the internet—ranging from small handheld phones to tablets and laptops—have led web designers and marketers to work on approaches to make the devices more compatible with Internet usage. They are studying ease of scrolling and navigation, visual appeal, support of different screen sizes, richer experiences…

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nothing screams sale like a smart cta

5 Smart Calls-to-Action That Make Visitors Click

Companies will typically spend $92 to bring customers to their site, but only $1 to convert them. Traffic is only half the solution to a successful online business. If you’re putting 90% of your effort into driving traffic to your site, and minimal effort into optimizing your site for conversions then you may as well…

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Mobile Web 2.0: Adapting your website to small screens.

“Isn’t Mobile-friendly Like Being Pregnant?” Questions about the Mobile Web

Elliott asked the question, “Isn’t mobile-friendly like being pregnant?” during my SEMRush webinar Mobile Test Results: What Mobile Web 2.0 Will Look Like. His point was that Google, with its Mobilegeddon update, will grade you as mobile friends or not. I would turn that question around. “Is your mobile website Google-friendly and is it visitor-friendly?”…

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Conversion Rate Optimization is Good for a Laugh with Joanna Wiebe and Brian Massey [WEBINAR]

Why are these conversion rate optimization experts laughing? At first, the questions sounded pretty serious: “How often should you be emailing your customers?”  “What’s the best wording for a CTA (call to action)?”  “What should every conversion rate optimization team include?” Brian Massey and Joanna Wiebe of Copyhackers teamed up to answer questions like these…

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What would happen if you stopped optimizing today?

The Ultimate Question for Website Optimization

What would happen if you suddenly pulled the plug on your website optimization efforts? The question behind the question is, “How much has website optimization contributed to our online sales?” We all know that the results we see in our tests don’t reflect reality when rolled out to the website. So, how much faith should…

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user engagement feature image

User Engagement was Low on These Websites. See How They Changed That.

I’ve seen plenty of websites that are beautifully designed and portray a strong sense of professionalism. And that’s great. But it’s not enough. Many businesses are missing out on a crucial opportunity to get their visitors to actually engage with their website. Think about it. If you can get your visitors to actually do something…

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Pick the landing page templates that maximize conversions.

Landing Page Templates that Maximize Conversions

What to look for in a high-converting landing page template. A friend of mine recently offered me an expensive Giant brand road bike that he wasn’t using in exchange for some help on his website. He runs a local carpet cleaning service in San Marcos, Texas just south of the Conversion Capital of the World….

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Mobile Web 1.0: Party Like It’s 1999

We’ve come a long way, baby. This is one of my first web pages, from 1998.   This was Web 1.0. Looking back, we have to cringe. But guess what: we’re in Mobile Web 1.0 and it feels like 1998 all over again. In 1998, Web 1.0 was on the verge of becoming Web 2.0,…

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Is this your mobile zombie apocalypse?

What if the Mobile Internet Wasn’t Important? [INFOGRAPHIC]

If the Zombie Apocalypse struck tomorrow, and the only way not to become the walking dead was to throw away your mobile device, who would be the winners and losers? According to an intriguing infographic, you’d be more likely to be file-swapping on Dropbox than binge-watching on Netflix. You’d be more likely to get your…

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Use science to increase conversion rates before undertaking a website redesign

How a Little Science Can Save Your Website Redesign

Raise your hand if you’re considering a website redesign.  Pretty much everyone, yeah?  Well, before you undertake such a massive project, there’s a lot you should consider first…namely the effects such huge changes can have on your conversion rates. Some businesses will pour millions of dollars into a fancy and beautiful website redesign only to…

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