Bryan Eisenberg Explains Amazon’s Relentless Customer-Focused Optimization [INFODOODLE]

We have all done it.

We have a purchase in mind. We drive to the store, any store, and focus all of our attention on completing this mission successfully.

We wander aimlessly around crowded aisles and end caps stuffed with closeouts and uncategorized “junk”. Giving up the scavenger hunt, we now look for a customer service attendant to help us out.

We wait. We continue to wait until we catch the eye of a reluctant employee. We ask for help and low and behold, they are out of stock.

What do we do now? We order it on Amazon.

You still might be asking yourself, if only 10% of purchases are made online, how is it that Amazon is kicking Walmart’s butt?

  • Selection
  • Price
  • Availability
  • Highest Customer Service Ratings

Jeff Bezos says “We are not in the business of selling books, but of helping our customers buy books.”

  • 2/3 of Amazon visitors are return visitors.
  • Amazon can tell an email was unsuccessful as soon as it goes out.
  • Amazon changes their pricing 2 million times per day – no one can compete with that.

Brian Massey attended Conversion Conference San Francisco and captured this infodoodle of Bryan’s Keynote Presentation: How Amazon Uses Relentless Customer-Focused Optimization to Crush Competitors.

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