5 Landing Page Best Practices for Content Marketing

Ezytire landing page markup Content marketers sometimes focus on the content and forget about the marketing.

Yes, we want to inform.

Yes, we want to educate.

Yes, we want to be seen as the thought leader in our space.

But, we also want more traffic to our Web site, more leads and more sales. Don’t let your content go out without a strategy to draw readers back to your site and a landing page to get them to take action – even if that action is to get your next content offering.

In Landing Page Basics: Making Your Content Marketing Convert I show you an example of how content can drive a reader to action.

I also talk about these five important landing page strategies:

Pitch the offer, not your company

Remove distractions

Let the visitor know where they are in the process

Make forms the right length

Only ask for information you will use