I Had to Write Over 200 Articles to Get These Nine – Conversion Course

Sometime in the next eight days, Conversion Sciences will have published the 300th article on The Conversion Scientist blog.

Content flows from this blog like lava from a volcano.

Don’t get lost in the content that flows from this blog.

Every one of them is amazing, of course. While some of them were written by amazing guest contributors, I combed through over 200 of them to find the nine that I think you should read now. So important are these nine, that we are willing to give you a free review of your website by one of our best Conversion Scientists if you read them all. I know you have some burning questions.


  • How is my site performing compared to my competitors?

  • Is there anything fundamentally wrong with my pages?

  • What is the first thing I should change to increase leads and sales?

  • How do I prioritize all of the marketing campaigns I have on my plate?

If one or more of these questions aren’t on your mind, we have to ask, “Why not?” These are the questions we seek to answer during your review. But you have to earn your Ph.D. badge first.

How to get your formal website review

When you visit The Conversion Scientist blog and sign up for the free course we’ll take you through the chosen articles. When you read, you will be awarded points. Some of the articles include audio for your commute to and from work. All in all, you be able to finish the course in an hour or so. Then you’ll be ready.
Sign up now. Start collecting points and earning badges.

Brian Massey
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