5 Sure Shot Tips to Help You Convert More Leads

Jessica Davis of Godot Media how to increase lead conversion rates.

Converting leads through your website is an essential objective for any website owner. If your business relies solely on the performance of your website, then this becomes even more important.

For success online, you have to constantly strive toward improving the conversion rate of your website.

Conversion rate basically refers to the frequency of converting casual visitors on your business website into success leads for the business. This list can include customers who buy your services or products, sign-up on email lists, post comments, make inquiries, as well as perform interactions with your website.

Converting visitors into leads is not child’s play. Even when armed with social media and content marketing strategies, companies are still unable to successfully convert visitors to leads. A good conversion strategy requires constant testing and analysis.

Essential tips to improve lead conversion rates

Improving conversion rates should be your primary aim when operating a business website. Below, are a few points to help you boost lead conversion rates.

#1 – Employ different strategies for for different leads

You have to treat your leads individually. Your customer base will likely be comprised of different groups who have different interests and triggers. For instance, there may be some customers who like reading exhaustive content describing your business, yet others, may lack such patience and would rather take part in a webinar. As you can see, each group would have a different trigger so you need to approach each category with material that appeals to them.

Offering incentives is a great way of converting leads. This method has been used in the online business scenario for a long time now. The longevity of this method proves its success in lead conversion. An example of this method can be seen in several blogs where casual visitors are asked to give their emails in exchange for an exclusive link to a free resource such as an eBook. This principle is applicable in any online business for lead capturing purposes. You can increase you email list very quickly if this is done correctly.

#3 – Get to know your leads better

Every business has its ideal customer. You should ask yourself how well you know yours before creating your content marketing strategy. If you don’t know them very well, then it’s time to get to know them. Check out their demographics. You should know their location, income, occupation, buying habits, lifestyle, and similar data pertaining to financial situations. This data is called as Central Demographic Model or CDM. Apart from this, you will also want to know customers’ Central Psychographic Model or CPM. This defines the preferences, behaviors, and other factors affecting buying decisions of customers. CDM and CPM collectively can help you in converting leads better.

#4 – Understand successful conversion processes

Conversion processes are not an exact science. You may be surprised at how something mundane has contributed toward lead generation in the past. Hit and trial also works in online business lead generation. As such, you should always look at what has lead to successful conversions in the past. Proper attention should be paid to your website’s history in converting leads. Once you realize what has impacted your visitor’s decision in buying your product or service, that should be properly incorporated into your content marketing model, and should be duly communicated to everyone in the sales and marketing teams.

#5 – Always customize follow-up communication

Customizing follow up according to client preferences is also a must for lead generation. Whether you are using batch signs or whether the sales team is directly following up with specific leads, you have to ensure that you have proper understanding of the follow up campaign. Doing this will assist in customizing campaigns and avoid any clashes between the different follow up campaigns. As with the process of tailoring lead generation campaigns and content marketing according to client preferences, follow up measures should also be done for best results.

About the author: Jessica Davis is a Content Strategist at Godot Media – a leading copywriting company. She is an expert in article writing category, and has helped several businesses succeed through effective use of content. Other areas that interest her are technology, social media and fashion.

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  2. James Derryl says:

    Knowing our customers better is the best thing we can do to generate lead. “Making Your Potential Customers Feel Significant” is something should be followed in every campaign. Making our readers feel significant helps us to gain leads and increase CTR.
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