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26 Time Management Hacks I Wish I’d Known at 20

If there was one thing that defeats your efforts to market with data, it would be lack of resources. Marketing departments are notoriously under-staffed for the workload delegated by executives. It can become overwhelming to imagine doing tests when you’re just trying to get communications out the door.In the interest of helping you find more time and happiness in your work, I offer this excellent list of 26 “time hacks.”
Please. Do some split testing with the extra time you find. Your visitors will thank you.


3 Ways To Increase Conversion If Your Prices Are Not The Cheapest On The Market — Conversion Team

@conversion_team It’s easy to cut prices.It’s hard to build up the value of what you offer in words and images. If you can occupy the high-price category in your niche, life gets much easier.So, I was pleased to find this article which makes a bold statement: “Avoid Best Practice Conversion Rate Optimization”
While your competitors are testing button color, you can be comparing yourself to the competition, being open about your profits, and doing the math for your visitors.
Best practices only get you so far. Here are some alternatives for online success.
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