Sliders, Greeters, and Headlines – Dos and Don’ts [For Further Study]

Last week was back-to-school for students all over the country, and they’ll soon be held accountable for how they spent their three months of freedom: exams and essays on their summer reading will be graded any day now.
We stayed productive and sharp the past few months between trips to the beach because we’ll always be students at heart, and here’s the proof.  For Further Study…Summer Reading Edition!

Conversion Conference: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Writing Compelling Headlines

We almost always test headlines on the landing pages we optimize. It’s how we get some of our best wins to increase conversion rates.
We almost always test headlines on the landing pages we optimize. It’s how we get some of our best wins to increase conversion rates. This orthography is a great primer for writing headlines that you can test on your pages.
Getting headlines right is so important that someone in a webinar once asked me about some of my favorites. I answered that question by giving some tips of my own and also sharing some pretty ineffective headlines (plus how to avoid writing them).
Read more about crafting great headlines.

Jeremy Said: Let’s Talk About Image Sliders and Conversions

Rotating headers, called “sliders” are losing their favor on landing pages. Ultimately, this is a good thing. But these hedges don’t have to be conversion killers.
In the article’s summary of our tests on sliders, we’ve been able to make rotating hero images work by first testing the order. A large part of the increase in revenue per visit was from putting the most important panels first.
Notice that the two panels that delivered the best result were offer oriented (Same Day Shipping and Super Saver Shipping). It’s possible that we could remove the conceptual panels (“Make a bold outdoor impression” and “Leader in digital mesh banner printing”) without impacting the revenue per visit. This would save some load time.
Read more about the actual research behind sliders and how they affect conversion rates.

Olark: How Clever Greeters Increase Conversion Rates

What is the equivalent of a good headline when you’re talking about online chat? It’s the questions your greeters ask. Like headlines, greeter questions provide better results when they are:

  1. Relevant
  2. Specific
  3. Not cliche, i.e. Unexpected

Often, being relevant and specific is surprising enough to meet the last requirement: unexpected.
Read more about how greeters can increase conversions.


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