Mobile Web 1.0: Party Like It's 1999

We’ve come a long way, baby. This is one of my first web pages, from 1998.

Soft Reality Home Page from 1998

Soft Reality Home Page from 1998. It was Web 1.0.

This was Web 1.0. Looking back, we have to cringe. But guess what: we’re in Mobile Web 1.0 and it feels like 1998 all over again.
In 1998, Web 1.0 was on the verge of becoming Web 2.0, which fueled a bubble that would bring stock markets down and rearrange the tech landscape.
Conversion Conference Top Speaker 2014 badge joel harvey

Is Mobile Web 1.0 Like Web 1.0?

Mobile Web 1.0 may not have such a violent transition, but what we’re learning from testing mobile optimized websites is that we will look back at Mobile Web 1.0 and cringe, just like when we look at Web 1.0 sites.
What are we doing with the mobile web that are the equivalents of blinking text, myriad fonts and crazy background patterns?
Conversion Scientist Joel Harvey will attempt to answer some of those questions in his Conversion Conference presentation Mobile Optimization Essentials.
He’s going to reviewing several of the tests we’ve performed here at Conversion Sciences and let you in on how Mobile Web 2.0 is shaping up.
This won’t be some humdrum presentation either. Joel is one of the highest rated speakers at Conversion Conference, and he has the badge to prove it.

43 Reasons to Attend Conversion Conference

If Joel’s presentation wasn’t enough, you’ll learn from and meet speakers doing 43 sessions covering all aspects of online conversion.

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  • Conversion copywriting
  • UX design
  • Testing techniques
  • Analytics
  • Social CRO
  • Email Testing
  • CRO Tools
  • Optimizing ads

And the list goes on and on. It’s a complete dose of getting more revenue from the audience you already have.

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