Writing Killer Conversion Copy with Joanna Wiebe of CopyHackers.com [Audio]

Joanna Wiebe of CopyHackers.comI’ve been putting the finishing touches on my Conversion Conference presentation entitled Creating Killer Conversion Copy: Emails, Landing Pages, PPC Ads and MoreI asked Joanna Wiebe of CopyHackers.com to give me her opinion on writing copy that converts. She clearly has an opinion. I thought Scott Stratten was the epitome of a Canadian Diva. Then I met Joanna. (She’ll be mortified that I wrote that.)


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We cover a lot of ground in the podcast.

  • A well-thought-out definition of copy.
  • Is copy images? Is the Pinterest home page copy?
  • Can anyone write copy?
  • Does a copywriter for the Web have to understand design? How about analytics?
  • How can I choose a copywriter that is going to increase conversions?
  • What is Joanna’s process for creating copy that tests well over and over? Get $100 off of the Conversion Conference West 2012 in San Francisco, March 5-6.

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