The Magnetic Effect of Drawn Video

Engaging the visiting mind is a key challenge of Conversion Scientists. It is also a key capability of video. However, there is something magnetic about drawn video. It is unclear exactly why.

Is it the symbolic nature that keeps our attention?

Is it the emergent nature of drawings as they are drawn?

Is it just that this format is unique?

Here is just eighteen seconds of drawn video I did for TEDx Austin reflecting their 2012 theme “Beyond Measure.” Be sure to tune in via live stream on February 11, 2012.

Why do you think this format works?


This video was done in about an hour and a half idea to done using a Windows Tablet PC, Microsoft OneNote, and Camtasia for recording and editing.


This is inspired by the RSAnimate drawing videos found on YouTube.



The folks at How It Works Media develop cartoon-based messaging for businesses.

The Net Pool from HowitworksMedia on Vimeo.


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