A New Book From Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg

It was a book by Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg that helped launch Conversion Sciences as a business way back in 2006, Waiting for Your Cat to Bark?

These brothers and Austin residents have together and individually produced a number of eye-opening and ground breaking volumes, such as Call to Action and AB Testing.

These books have changed the fortunes of many an online business.

So I was naturally pleased and excited to hear from Jeffrey that they’ve released a new book, with the promising title, Buyer Legends: The Executive Storyteller’s Guide.

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Leave it to the Eisenbergs to turn up the volume on existing concepts. While the rest of us are working on Buyer Peronas and Buyer Journeys, the Eisenbergs have moved along to “Buyer Legends.”

It sounds almost heroic, like Joseph Cambell crossed with Jeff Bezos.

The introduction defines a “Buyer Legend:”

Buyer Legends is the process of using narratives and storytelling in your marketing and selling efforts.

They are not just talking about storytelling as compelling marketing. They see narratives and storytelling as a key way for organizations to understand their data internally.

It’s not surprising to hear them talk about narratives and storytelling as a way to make sense of “big data.” Bryan has been working with companies with names such as “Narrative Sciences.”

Read the full review on Inc.com.

In the mean time, go get your copy.

This free eBook has 56 pages of insights from AB testing experts Conversion Sciences.

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