Mobile Advertising [INFOGRAPHIC]

The folks at have put together a very complete infographic on mobile advertising.

We like articles and infographics that support their findings with research and case studies.

One thing we’d like to put a fine point on is this:

Formula: Number of mobile site visitors divided by the number of actions taken, all multiplied by 100 to give the conversion rate.

Responsive vs. Dedicated Mobile Site

We are seeing in the literature more evidence that responsive designs suppress mobile conversion rates. The primary culprit is load times. We are currently recommending the Native Mobile Website approach for phone-sized screens.

Furthermore, many sites are displaying mobile sites on tablets and phablets that have the resolution to show more. This may be suppressing conversion rates as well.

Everything You Need to Know about Mobile Ads - Via Who Is Hosting This: The Blog


110 Point Ecommerce Checklist

Everyday Behavioral Sciences Webinar

Our Best Ideas for Ecommerce Websites

We assembled our Conversion Scientists in a room and asked them to list out what they consider testing when given an ecommerce website.

This is what they told us.

  • 110 ideas in 17 pages
  • Full color examples
  • From the home page to the cart.

Keep this resource on your desk always.

  • Thanks for sharing this Brian, it offers some interesting information. I think we all need to pay attention to mobile platforms – that is the future!

    • Thanks. We thought it was a helpful infographic.

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  • John Dietrich

    Interesting Brian. Don’t forget programs like Vungle as well for mobile video advertising.

    • I can’t imagine how quickly this space is changing.

  • Tamara Laurel

    Singapore-based Gentay Communications Pte Ltd has developed a major breakthrough in mobile advertising: non-intrusive adverts over ringtones, offering advertisers a unique opportunity for a high-level one-to-one targeted marketing campaigns based on users’ demographics. For more information, email