How Buyer Personas will Rock the Conversion Rates of your Landing Pages [VIDEO]

Demographics can lie to you. In fact, they often do. This makes them very unreliable when you are trying to make decisions about what to put on your website.

How demographics mislead us and how analytics can set us on the right page again

The Content, headings, copy and images all impact the success of your site. Knowing how to develop these components for your particular audience is the key to higher and higher conversion rates.

In this on demand webinar, I guide you toward understanding your audience showing you:


  1. An easy way to model your different buyers.

  3. How demographics often mislead us.

  5. How to find different buyers in your analytics.

Then you get to test your own knowledge in the Conversion Quiz: What to Test?!

Webinar: Accelerating Your Online Business by Optimizing for Buyer Personas

Watch it now.
Password maxscientist
Password maxscientist

Thanks to Maxymiser for the opportunity to share this information with you.

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